Cosmo Specialty Fibers to Shutdown for Maintenance

As part of our normal preventative maintenance schedule and process, Cosmo Specialty Fibers is planning a one-day maintenance shutdown.  We will take all areas of the mill down for maintenance and repairs beginning at approximately 7 AM and initiate mill re-start procedures from 4 PM through to around 9 PM.
While we do not expect excessive noise or odors to result from this planned shutdown, we wanted to advise you that certain noises and odors are an unlikely, but possible occurrence.
Specifically:The Power Boiler will be re-lit at around 4 PM and will be producing high pressure steam by around 6 PM.   Although we believe the Power Boiler restart will proceed smoothly, there is the possibility of steam pressure safety release valves lifting if a problem occurs.  The quick release of steam pressure through these valves can produce a loud noise for a few minutes. 
The Bleach Plant will restart around 8:30 PM at which time there is the slight possibility of an unpleasant odor particularly if certain weather conditions are present.
Periodic maintenance shutdowns allow us to complete many of the machinery repairs or replacements needed to maintain the mill in peak operating condition for safety, quality production, and cost efficiency.  Peak operating condition keeps our mill competitive in the global cellulose market and ensures our financial sustainability.
From the start of mill restoration activities last September, through our production start-up in May, we have received lots of encouragement from the city and our neighbors in Cosmopolis.  We have planned extensively for this first maintenance shutdown and we intend to work hard to minimize and eliminate any issues associated with it.
If you have a concern during the maintenance shutdown, please call 360-500-4600 during business hours or 360-500-4646 outside of business hours.