Mock Crash planned for North Beach Students

A similar mock accident at Waterville High School October of 2006. 


TADD is an organization consisting of North Beach High School students who work to educate others about making positive life decisions. In 2002 North Beach High School started this program to help students make positive choices. TADD was organized and consists of several students who want to help others avoid destructive decisions. TADD has brought in guest lecturers to talk about the consequences of drinking and driving as well as drug use. Prison inmates have talked at assemblies, giving first hand accounts as to the effects of drinking and driving on their lives. Besides lectures TADD has looked at other means to help demonstrate the effects of underage drinking.

Mock Accident

A mock crash was played out before the high school with the help of the Ocean Shores Police and Fire Departments. The presentation went through the entire scenario of a crash from police and fire being dispatched to the removal of the injured and deceased as well as the arrest of the driver. A moving memorial service was then presented to the student body.


TADD has also brought the Impaired Driving Simulator from the Ocean Shores Police Department to North Beach High School for hands on experience as to the effects of drinking and driving.

Impaired Driving SimulatorAnother method to help educate the students about the effects of drinking and driving is the Grim Reaper Program. TADD organized this event in which students were removed from class on 15-minute intervals to demonstrate the fact that every 15 minutes another person dies as a result of a drunk driving accident.

TADD has been very active in it's efforts to enlighten the students of North Beach as to the consequences of destructive decisions and continually looks for new means to address this topic.