Cosmo Exports Honey… and Honey Bees

With all the news about the depletion of honeybees over the past few years from what’s known as Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), the mill asked local beekeeper, Jonathon Taylor, to vacuum the honeybees and relocate them to a new hive.  Parsons said it was interesting to see the bees in the vacuum container form a protective ball around the queen.  “We understand that CCD is still a big problem, but these honeybees were very healthy.”

Honey Bees Extracted From Cosmo Specialty Fibers

The honeybees aren’t the only wildlife living on the mill premises.  Mill spokesperson, Robert Buchan said that despite the noises, odor and smoke that are part of daily life at the mill, the honeybees were thriving and an Osprey nest on a light pole near the chip dump has a new family again this year.  “We also have geese, deer, at least one bear and a cat as semi-permanent residents on the mill grounds, although only the geese will walk around the main mill buildings.”

Honey Bee Nest at Cosmo Specialty Fibers