Deadline Approaches on Hunting Permit Raffles

Tickets can be purchased at retail license vendors statewide. By law, they are no longer available online or over the phone.


Hunters can, however, find license vendors, ticket prices and sales to date for specific raffle hunts at

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One winner will be selected for each hunt. Winning raffle tickets will be selected randomly by computer during the last week of July, and winners will be notified by telephone or mail by mid-August.


Raffle tickets for deer, elk, moose and mountain goats are $5.90 each, while a California bighorn sheep ticket costs $11.90. Raffle tickets for multi-species hunts are $16.70 for hunts where three species may be harvested, and $22.10 for hunts in which four species may be harvested.


The winners of each raffle will be allowed to hunt between Sept. 1 and Dec. 31, except hunts for black bear, cougar and turkey. For information on those and other hunt-season dates and hunt areas see pages 76-77 of WDFW’s 2011 Big Game Hunting pamphlet. The pamphlet is posted online at