State Patrol Recognizes Truck Drivers

The following are the award winners for the Inspector’s Championship.

1st  Peter Sponburgh                                                    
2nd Dean Appell                                                           
3rd  Nolan Rice                                                            

1st  Peter Sponburgh
2nd Donald Knoop
3rd Nolan Rice

Written Exam
1st Scott McLaughlin (Snohomish County)
2nd Peter Sponburgh
3rd Fred Aebischer

Level 1 Inspection
1st  Dean Appell      
2nd Peter Sponburgh           
3rd Tiffany Grayless

1st  Peter Sponburgh
2nd Nolan Rice
3rd  Dean Appell

Cargo Tank
1st  Steve Michael
2nd Jeff Winslow
3rd  Peter Sponburgh

Motor Coach
1st Nolan Rice  
2nd Marty Wolfe  
3rd Mark Littlefield  

In the 2011 Washington State Truck Driving Championship, the “Best of the Best” professional commercial truck drivers competed for the right to represent Washington State at the upcoming National Truck Driving Championships.  With 139 Registered competitors in the competition this year, it was a wonderful event for the drivers to showcase their excellent skills in driver & driving knowledge, vehicle safety inspection proficiency, and their ability to maneuver their ‘big rigs” through a challenging course of specific driving scenarios.

The top 3 competitors in nine different truck classes were recognized at the end of the day.  The complete lists, by truck class, are listed below.

Grand Champion  
Mark Peterson, USF

3 AXLE    
1st  Mark Peterson, USF
2nd Tim Davis, Peninsula Truck Lines
3rd  Andrey Grishchuk, Conway Trucking

4 AXLE    
1st Chris Bates, Washington Closure
2nd Mike Young, Peninsula Truck Lines
3rd Guru Gill, Safeway

5 AXLE    
1st John Enyeart, Safeway
2nd Gary Ackerson, Supervalu
3rd Shawn Keck, Fed Ex Freight

1st Scott Henrickson, Conway Freight
2nd Jeffrey Maas, Boeing
3rd Robert Dean, Conway Freight

1st Roy Garcia, Peninsula Truck Lines
2nd Chuck Snowdon, Boeing
3rd Mike McConnaughey, Carlile Transportation

1st John Hnatishin, Boeing
2nd Anthony Cornell, Conway Freight
3rd Lisa Bry, Boeing

1st Charles Price, Conway Freight
2nd Michael Howellm, Conway Freight
3rd Gary Nickell, Boeing

1st Chris Poynor, Conway Freight
2nd Josh Jenkin, Peninsula Truck Lines
3rd Rick Colton, Boeing

1st Robert Hinds, Fed Ex Ground
2nd Joshua Jack, Fed Ex Express
3rd Dayton Fedak,     Fed Ex Express

Pre Trip – Joshua Jack, Fed Ex Express
Harry Fletcher Award –  Mike McPherson, Conway Freight
Rookie – Jason VanMeter, YRC

CVSA recognizes the best of the best by inviting member jurisdictions throughout North America to participate in the North American Inspectors Championship (NAIC).  The 2011 Washington State Inspector Overall Champion and Truck Driving Grand Champion will have the opportunity to compete in the North American Inspector’s Championship from August 8-13, 2011, in Orlando, Florida.  The NAIC information can be found on the web at