Hoquiam Farmer’s Market News – Father’s Day Edition

To complete the feast, all you need to do is whisk in and claim one of Nancy’s perfect pies!  So easy, and so good.  If your dad has a particular favorite, be sure to let us know so that we can have it waiting specially for you.  Just call 538-9747 to place your order. We can also tag sausage and oysters for your arrival- why take a chance??
Our Organic Produce tables are laden with great  veggies and fruit.  Knowing that dad sometimes need encouragement to eat sensibly, our healthy carrots, potatoes, tomatoes and squash are also good to look at, thereby creating an irresistible craving for life enhancing eating habits.  The Delicata Squash is as pretty as its name implies!
Okay, the Rhubarb went flying out the door last week, so I got in twice as much this week!  Coincidentally I found a recipe for Rhubarb Sweet Rolls which was published in the 1962 Grays Harbor Farmer cookbook.  The genius behind this recipe was Mrs. Joe Hopkins, a lady who deserves much credit, as this is a recipe that will become a family favorite.  If you were wondering what special treat to bake for Father’s Day, search no further.  This is a winner!  The only change I have made to Mrs. Hopkins directions was to make a ring out of the dough rather than completely cutting through each roll.  The filling stays in place better in this way.
                                Rhubarb Sweet Rolls
two cups Flour
three teaspoons Baking Powder
one fourth tsp. Salt
one half cup Butter-Cold!
   Mix these together, cutting in the butter.  Then add;
three fourths cup of Milk
      In a separate bowl, combine;
three cups of finely chopped Rhubarb
one cup Sugar
one tsp. Cinnamon
Roll the dough out on a floured board, to a 12 inch rectangle.  Spoon the Rhubarb mixture onto the dough and roll it together jelly-roll fashion, tightly.    Transfer onto a baking sheet.  Make 12 slits along one side and then form the dough into a circle , deepening the cuts if need be.  Pour the syrup over all and bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes.  
Serve with whipped cream while still warm.  
1 cup Water
2 cups Sugar
3 Tblp. Butter
Still thinking of ways in which to make this a great weekend for dad?  Fear not, I have the perfect event.  Actually this particular event was designed as a fun way to honor my own father.  My dad passed away in 1974, but not a day goes by that I don’t cherish my memory of him.  Some people are blessed with a gift which leaves even more than intangible but precious memories.  My dad happened to be an artist.  A particularly fine artist, and a truly great dad.  On of my deepest pleasures is sharing his work with the community.  I believe that all of our Grays Harbor libraries now have original Elton Bennett art hanging, as do our schools.  The Hoquiam City Hall is the proud owner of eight originals, and four more are due to be hung this month.  Sometimes originals are gifted to non-profit organizations so that money may be raised for worthy causes.  The latest recipient of an original Bennett silkscreen is the Dance Club of Grays Harbor.  They have been selling raffle tickets for a while now, and this Saturday night ( Father’s Day Eve) the winning ticket will be drawn!  What better way to celebrate than with a dance, right?  Please join us at 7pm this Saturday evening at the Masonic Hall in Hoquiam.  Arlene Hoiland will be teaching a Rumba lesson , then the festivities continue with general dancing.  The (drum roll please) drawing will be held at 9pm, and the proud new owner may then scamper home with the prize.  Talk about the best Father’s Day gift of all!!
For information on how to buy a raffle ticket, call  Mary Anne Bagwell 
at 360-538-1403
Stop by the market for more ideas about how best to make Father’s Day memorable.  Sometimes the best gift of all is a bear hug and a smooch- that’s what seemed to please my dad the most!
Barbara Bennett Parsons
manager of the Grays Harbor Farmers Market
located at 1958 Riverside in Hoquiam 
open 6 days a week, closed only on Tuesdays.  
ps      the Peonies are fabulous this week!  Just $2.00 a stem 🙂