Radio HAM Operators Celebrate North American Field Day

All told the Pacific County Amateur Radio Club will have five operating radio stations:  a “Get on the Air” Station open to the public, a Single Side Band Voice Station, a Morse Code Station, a Packet (digital) Station, and a VHF Station, demonstrating a wide range of capabilities.  The VHF station will make one or more contacts via Amateur radio satellite, for example.   Friday is dedicated to setting up the stations and antennas, including making test contacts to prove the viability of the each set-up.


The public is invited to observe amateur radio at work and learn how to make contact with other radio stations in North America.  One station is dedicated for use by the public and for amateurs who do not typically operate on the short-wave bands.  The best time to visit operations is Saturday midday through late afternoon.  Stop by the “Get on the Air” tent to learn first-hand about radio operations, pick up a brochure, take a tour, or to ask questions about becoming a licensed radio amateur.  Participate at the VHF station by sending an email via radio to a friend or family member.  The PCARC hopes that people will come and see for themselves that this is not your grandfather’s radio! 


The Pacific County Amateur Radio Club meets the second Saturday of each month at 9:00AM at Hunter’s Inn in Naselle.  Anyone interested in learning about ham radio is encouraged to attend. For more information contact:  Dick Lemke, President 665-2438 or Bob Cline, Emergency Services Volunteer 665-4496.