Hoquiam Farmer’s Market News – Compost Edition

Remember to occasionally add a layer of ‘brown’ ( leaves, twigs, bark) to your compost.  This is essential to the proper blend of dark, rich mulch rather than simply rotted vegetable matter.  Using the garbage can method, you need to occasionally mix it up.  Smart you, your garbage can has locking handles, so you can roll it around and turn it upside down, blending all those luscious scraps into the ultimate vitamin supplement for your garden. 
One of the most highly desired products of the home garden is the tomato. The Hoquiam Farmers Market can most certainly help you to grow the finest tomato possible.  Our own Judy Hanson is a specialist in growing tomatoes from seed.  She has ten varieties available right now, ranging from the cherry tomato, Sweet Baby Girl to the full sized Celebrity Tomato.  Not only that, she also is offering individual Tomato greenhouses in both small ($4.00) and large
($ 5.00) sizes.  These  red plastic tents were created by the Territorial Seed Company in Oregon.  They surround the tomato plant, creating a perfect environment which in turn creates the perfect tomato.  Judy is offering a 50 cent discount if you purchase both a T. Plant and a greenhouse.  
Fresh cut Peonies are in!  We have the stunning Red Charm and the slightly more pink toned Jerry varieties in now for a mere $2.00 per stem.  It only takes a few stems to create a luxuriant bouquet, and these beauties are grown in Elma by Frank at Peonies Plus.  Each week more varieties will become available, but you may want to visit Frank to order tubers for your Fall garden.  Check out their website; http://www.peoniesplus.com/
Our furniture makers have been busy too!  Jerry creates gorgeous wood tables for your indoor spaces, and Wes crafts outdoor Adirondack chairs and picnic tables.  Wes lives outside of Matlock, cuts the trees, mills the logs, and creates furniture that will last for years and years.  
You may have noticed the prominent building that appeared in our parking lot a few months ago.  This Sunday, June 12th is the hoped for opening date of the new drive thru Tully’s Coffee!  Perhaps you have not yet discovered the downtown Hoquiam Tully’s Coffee .  Fear not, you may remedy the situation by visiting this new outpost of the Coffee Culture.  Nancy will continue to offer her personalized espresso inside the market- we understand that each coffee addict has a personal preference.  Either way, you will be able to find your perfect cup in Hoquiam.  
Oh, did I mention our burgeoning supply of Certified Organic Produce?  The price on Rhubarb dropped this week- stock up and stash some in your freezer for later!  The new beets and yams are especially lovely, and will give you just the boost you need for intensive gardening. 
Barbara Bennett Parsons   538-9747 Hoquiam Farmers Market
open Wednesday thru Sunday, closed only on Tuesdays.
Hours are basically from 9-5.  The bakers arrive in the wee hours of the morning (3am!) and are more than happy to whip up a coffee drink and slide a warm cinnamon roll your way!