Hoquiam Farmer’s Market News – Gardening Season Edition

Our Organic Produce continues to delight, with new items coming available each week.  This week we received lovely fresh Green Beans, the first of the season.  The Green Onions are worthy of a food magazine photo shoot, and the Broccoli is particularly nice this week.  Rhubarb is at its peak, and we’re hoping that the season will continue through June.   I made a rhubarb dessert early this morning.  The recipe said ‘best served warm’, so what’s a girl to do?  I had it for breakfast.  Think I’ll have some for lunch too.  Geez, I hope there’s something left for Joe to eat for dessert tonight!
The 24 hour Relay for Life begins this Friday at 6pm on the Sea Breeze Oval of Hoquiam High School.  The event kicks off with the Survivors Lap, and I urge you to be there to applaud your courageous friends as they make their way around the field.  Be warned, bring plenty of tissues.  Bring a box.  In fact, I start sniffling just thinking about it.  This is the single most moving event that happens annually on Grays Harbor.  If you or someone you love have not been touched by cancer, then you are a rarity.  Cancer is an equal opportunity pestilence, stealthily striking even the healthiest individuals.  Cancer is the six letter word which can bring us to our knees in despair.  Put out your strong hands to raise those who suffer back on their feet.  Wrap your loving arms around them and help give them the strength to carry on.  The road to recovery is long and painful, and no one in this world should travel that road alone.  Be there for them, be there for yourself.  
You don’t have to be a member of a team in order to participate.  At any time during the 24 hours you are welcome to walk or jog the course.  It won’t cost you a nickel, but the encouragement that you bring to those in despair is priceless.   Love for one another is the universal language.  Silent and powerful, your gift of love can conquer this enemy.  
Barbara Bennett Parsons
manager of the Hoquiam Farmers Market 538-9747
Deidra’s Deli now has a dedicated line; 538- 5880 call to have your order waiting!