Grays Harbor Port Finances Improvements

HOQUIAM, Wash. – The Port of Grays Harbor is poised to finance the largest construction project in their 100 year history. After taking advantage of a strong bond market, the port will begin the addition of 36,000 feet of rail track.

Trish Zarik with the (PAY-shuh) Pasha Group says they plan to use all the rail they can get;

“When you’re loading a vessel with vehicles, you’re loading anywhere from 2,500 up to 4,000 vehicles on a ship.”

The Port said that over 1 million of the 11.6 million dollar bond project was purchased by local investors.


News Director of Jodesha Broadcasting since October 2007. Dave Haviland moved to Grays Harbor in 1979 and graduated from Aberdeen High School in 1993.