Chamber and EDC Boards Pursue Consolidation

“This is a very exciting opportunity,” said Randy Ross, Chairman of the GH EDC. “I’m looking forward to the next step.”


The transition task force will be made up of board members of both organizations. They will work with staff from the EDC and Chamber to develop the merger plan.


“Our number one goal is to serve our community, not our individual organizations,” said Tami Garrow, Vice Chair of the Chamber of Commerce and a GHEDC board member. “This partnership allows us to grow our services, reduce consumer confusion, lower our overhead and increase our clout. It is a win-win for us as organizations, and for the benefits it will give to Grays Harbor.”


The Chamber and EDC have been gathering feedback from their partners and members since they announced the potential consolidation, and will announce upcoming community forums for the public to further ask questions and contribute input.