Hoquiam Farmer’s Market News – Produce Edition

This mornings produce delivery brought;
Fuji Apples                .89 per lb.
Pink Lady Apples     .89 per lb.
Beets                       1. 69 per lb.
Garlic                      1.50 each ( they’re really big)
Sweet Yams            1.59 per lb.
Carrots, clip top      1.49 per lb.
Yellow Crookneck Squash   1.69 per lb. ( so cute- they’re tiny, tender little guys)
We also have; 
yellow Potatoes, Russet Potatoes, yellow Onions, red Onions, Cucumbers, Bosc Pears
Ruths’ hothouse lettuce and greens, $3.00 per bag

Anthony also brought in a fresh batch of his Cranberry Sausage, my most very favorite.  The flavor combination of the sweet-tart cranberry juxtaposed with the meat is awesome!  Anthony should really form an official fan club for his Razor Clam Sausage- he ships orders for it all over the country.  I’ve heard the word ‘addiction’ used more than once 🙂 He also has three flavors of Pepperoni and Keilbasa waiting in the cooler.

What’s next?  I’m so glad that you asked. We now have Nelson Crab canned products on our shelves!  Nelsons is a family operation in Tokeland, and they put out superb quality local seafood.  We are starting with their Homestyle Albacore Tuna, Smoked Albacore Tuna, Smoked King Salmon, and Minced Razor Clams.  The tiny cold water salad shrimp will be coming in next week, as they are out fishing for them right now. 
The news has made us all aware of the high levels of mercury found in the mass produced canned tuna, which is all the more reason for you to know the facts about our local tuna.  Nelsons have their own fleet of trollers which catch the prized cold water tuna.  The mercury content of West Coast albacore is enormously less than the tuna caught by the factory longliners in warmer waters.  Our albacore also have five times more ‘good fat’ than the warm water fish.  Makes perfect sense to me- they need more fat to insulate them from the cold water.  Duh.
Once again, a Grays Harbor product comes out as providing the highest quality on the market.  We welcome Nelson Crab to our Market.  

My husband asked me if I would be staying up tonight to watch the real time broadcast of The Royal Wedding.  Devoted as I am to everything British, I value my sleep far more than that!  However, I did find a delightful quote from Emily Dickinson which seems appropriate for the occasion; 
 ‘A little madness in the Spring is wholesome, even for a King’. 
The weather has been anything but Spring-like, and I’m hearing grumbling from everyone now.  But the Shorebirds seem to think that the weather is just peachy, and have arrived right on schedule for the annual Grays Harbor Shorebird Festival.  Festivities and special tours begin at 7am tomorrow morning, with best viewing predicted between 9:40 and 1:40 from The Sandpiper Trail.  It amazes me that our splendid boardwalk is still unknown to many locals.  We have a treasure available without having to make a roadtrip, and the festival offers world class speakers, tours and events.  My favorite is always the presentation on Mudflat Meals.  Something to do with my love of natural and foraged foods, I guess.  

The Best of Twin Harbors publication is released on Saturday!  Here is a hint; look for many special Hoquiam businesses to win top honors.  I’m just sayin’….. !!