Feed The Ducks, Wait For The Seals

 WESTPORT, Wash. – The seals could one day return to The Westport Aquarium, Owner Marc Mercell says they won’t be the same seals, and it might not be JUST seals. Mercell said the Aquarium hasn’t had seals since around 2002, now after two years, the new owners have an uphill battle to get seals back in the building “The issue at hand is that the seal facilities are circa:1956 and do not meet current federal standards.”
Improvements would include a seal-only kitchen, larger containment area, and a staff bathroom “It’s a monumental project, but we have a plan of attack.” The Aquarium has been working closely with the state’s Marine Mammal stranding network, and hopes to one day become a regional location for storage and of stranded sea life. It could take three years with proper funding to get the permits required to house marine mammals again, in the meantime, the’ve been working to restore those circa 1950 hand-built aquariums, the touch tank, and Mercell says you can always stop by and feed the ducks instead.