Hoquiam High School Students Discuss Distracted and Impaired Driving

HOQUIAM, Wash. – Hoquiam High School Students read the obituaries of their best friends from trembling pages today over the school’s PA system “She was a daughter, a sister, a great student, a friend, and my best friend..”
Students also witnessed the scene of a dui-involved accident, and watched as one of their fellow students was declared dead, and yet another student arrested for driving while under the influence. Student Haily Adams said it felt real enough “When I first saw it you know, I knew, it wasn’t real. But then they turned my friend over and I saw his face it hurt me a lot.”
It’s all part of the 32-minute program presented by the Grays Harbor Traffic Safety Task Force to raise awareness of driving while intoxicated. Local Coordinator, Susan Bradbury, tells us they tweaked their version of the national program, adding texting while driving “We also added the component of arresting someone because we thought that was another valuable aspect that they could learn from.” At an assembly tomorrow Hoquiam students will hear from an Olympia man who killed his best friend in a dui-involved accident last year.
Next week, the program moves to Elma, Thursday and Friday in Aberdeen, then Montesano and North Beach the following week.