Hoquiam Farmer’s Market News – Organic Local Produce Edition

The Hoquiam Farmers Market is a member of the Olympic Culinary Loop Association, whose quickie mission statement is FLOSS- Fresh, Local, Organic, Sustainable, Seasonal.  Another commitment we share with every other member of ‘the Loop’ is to ‘provide excellent service and hospitality to create an unforgettable experience’.  Ta-da!!  That’s us!
Check out the website at;      http://www.olympicculinaryloop.com/ 

Don’t forget, Nancy starts baking Hot Cross Buns Friday morning, and we have fresh tulips and daffodils arriving daily.  An Easter tradition for many folks here in Grays Harbor is Keilbasa Sausage, and Anthony has been extra busy trying to make sure that we have enough to offer.  

Now that my Veggie Issues have been resolved, it’s time to start planning for our next event, which takes place on Saturday, April 30th.  You are invited to give of yourself when the Puget Sound Blood Center arrives with the Bloodmobile!  We plan on making this a festive day, doing everything possible to take the sting out of giving blood.  Unlike other mass blood donor events, you are ensured complete privacy and the full attention of the nurse by having individual appointments.  You may visit the website      http://www.psbc.org/programs/drives_schedule.asp  
click on Make an Appointment, then click on April 30th.  You may then choose a time between 11:30 and 4:45.  You will see that this Blood Drive is dedicated to the memory of Deanna April Johnson, and is sponsored by her friend Brooke Heikkila.   Deanna was only 36 years old when she died, and April 30th would have been her 37th birthday. 

The scourge of cancer has touched most of our lives, either directly or indirectly.  Perhaps you or someone you love has gone through the agony of struggling to purge the cancer.  If so, you know that the treatments are grueling and wreak havoc on the body.  Blood transfusions are often needed in order to replenish the red blood cells which have been destroyed.  Sometimes transfusions are needed many times a week. Perhaps there has been a traffic accident or catastrophic on the job injury- without the life saving infusion of blood, lives cannot be saved. 

In order to give blood, you must be in good health, at least 18 years old and weigh a minimum of 110 pounds.  The other criteria are listed on the PSBC website, under Donating Blood.  

The Hoquiam Farmers Market plans to invite the Bloodmobile to visit us 4 times a year.  We would be honored to have you sponsor the event in memory of a loved one. Call or stop by if this is something you want to do.  The gift of life is the sweetest gift of all.

Of course, here at the Hoquiam Farmers Market, we strive to help you keep your blood in good health.  Our fresh organic vegetables will provide oodles of vitamins, ensuring that your energy and vitality will soar to new heights.   Soon you’ll feel such boundless enthusiasm that your day won’t be complete without a brisk walk or jog.  Good health makes all things possible!

Barbara Bennett Parsons
manager- over 18 and in good health- of the Hoquiam Farmers Market and Deidra’s Deli        located at 1958 Riverside      ph.538-9747 fax 538-5821

Open 6 days a week, market is closed on Tuesdays, but Deidra is open on Tuesdays!