City of Hoquiam Receives AWC WellCity Award

“The 2% premium discount is a considerable motivation in these tough financial times, however the benefits and rewards go beyond the monetary savings.” said Mayor Jack Durney.  “Cities such as Hoquiam who commit to employee wellness see an increase in productivity, improved morale, and decreases in absenteeism and injuries.”


“Our goal is to encourage our employees to live healthy lifestyles and to promote active lifestyles to everyone in our community,” said City Administrator Brian Shay.  In addition to our employee programs, the City is committed to offering regular exercise events to residents of Grays Harbor County.  In March, 95 people participated in our first St. Patty’s Day Race. This past week, many Hoquiam employees joined a group of 30 residents who participated in the KIX 95.3 Power Hour Walk which runs through June, every Wednesday at noon.  This Wednesday the walk starts at Bowerman Basin.  On April 30th, the City is sponsoring our annual Shorebird Run from the Birds and we are in the early stages of organizing a new fun run in July and our first ever bike ride in August.  Our hope is to provide many diverse opportunities to get the Harbor moving.” 


The City’s Wellness team that plans, organizes and manages the wellness activities includes Team Captain Celina Batchelor, Julie Braaten, Maureen Smedley, Tracy Wood, Alissa Thurman, Leroy Foster & Josh Ambrose. 


For more information about the City of Hoquiam’s Wellness Program or our Healthy Hoquiam Lifestyles Initiatives, please visit our website at