South Olympic Peninsula Outdoor Adventure & Recreation Expo Hits Elma Next Month

“We are blessed with a diverse topography from spectacular mountains, lakes, forests, streams, estuaries and ocean beaches that are inhabited by a wide range of fish, shellfish, wildlife and game,” Fair and Events Coordinator Rod Easton said. “All this makes for a tremendous opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts. Along with fishing, hunting and camping enthusiasts, we will also welcome surfers, cyclists, kayakers, hikers and boaters. There are also several surprises in store to insure that the event is attractive to a full-spectrum of people who simply enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer in Grays Harbor and Mason counties.”

Mike Bruner, the Fairgrounds and Tourism Department Manager, said “This is an event that our management team has wanted to host for a long time. We had been brain-storming on this for quite a while. Brent and Rod had worked hard to put together the groundwork for the show and were ready to announce it to the public when, ironically, we were contacted by Dale Hubbard, from the Mason County Daily News. He had been working on a similar event in Mason County that hadn’t made it off the ground yet. We all thought, wow…. This would be a great opportunity for stakeholders in the outdoor and tourism industries within the two Counties to get together to promote our outdoor assets, as well as our related businesses and lodging providers, to Western Washington Sportsmen. As an avid outdoorsman, I’m excited for the event.”