Wild Olympics Discussed Last Night

ABERDEEN, Wash. – The Working Wild Olympics Coalition held their first public meeting last night, Dan Wood with the Grays Harbor and Pacific County Farm Bureau told us “This is bad for recreation, this is bad for jobs, and this is bad for taxpayers.”

Around 130 gathered at the Aberdeen High School Commons area, Connie Galant, president of the wildolympics group said their plan to redesignate acreage in the Olympic Penninsula has evolved since it’s inception about 2 years ago “We are listening to stakeholders, getting their input, we’ve made a lot of changes from our first draft.”

Spokesperson John Owen said the group wants positive and negative input on their website at www.wildolympics.org, the oposing group, and the hosts of last night’s meeting directed concerned citizens to their website at www.workingwildolympics.com.