Just How Wild Are The Olympics?

Having just learned recently of this, several years in the making, well – organized effort to change the Olympic Peninsula, I met last Wed. March 3rd with some of the leaders, one from the Pew Trust, one from the Sierra Club and local supporter, now paid by the Pew Trust, Al Carter. We had a very engaged and informative 2 1/2 hour meeting, where lots of ideas and info were exchanged.


I currently oppose this wildolympics effort as proposed. I urged these guys to get all the information out to ALL of the public so they can make informed decisions. The changes I suggested only speak for myself, not anyone else. You all need to be able to have a voice in this too. Take a look at their website www.wildolympics.org for “some”(it’s missing some key info) on your confuser if you have one or hopefully they will come out of the shadows and truly be open to the public.


This is YOUR land!  Your future use of YOUR land!  Be involved.


Dan Boeholt