Biomass Bill Tabled Before Midnight

OLYMPIA, Wash. – A bill that would expand biomass energy production was tabled late last night after revisions were proposed that would toughen I-937 requirements.
Senator Sharon Nelson of Olympia said major revisions to an initiative should go back to the voters;
“If we are going to alter I-937, over %10 of the underlying megawatts that our citizens relied on as being renewable, it is only reasonable to take the legislation back to them”
Senator Brian Hatfield said referendums like this demonstrate a flaw in the initiative process “The flaw here is voters in heavily populated places shouldn’t be left to decide weather jobs in every other part of the state would be preserved. the workers in the facilities need help now.”
Facing a striker amendment that sought to redefine biomass fuel, the Senate tabled bill 5575 for future consideration at 11:30 last night.