Disabled Woman Dies in Mobile Home Fire

On 02-08-11 during the early afternoon hours, the Pacific County Communications Center received a report of an active residential structure fire in the 2900 block of North River road. Pacific County Sheriff’s deputies and district fire personnel were dispatched to the scene.


Upon arriving at the scene, responders found that the residence had been fully involved and destroyed. Further investigation at the scene by responders revealed that just prior to the fire, the residence had been occupied by a person identified as Tiffanie Duncan and her adult daughter, Valerie Boisen.


Duncan had previous existing health issues that left her somewhat disabled. Boisen was helping care for her mother. Further information gathered by responders suggested that Boisen and her mother were in the residence when Boisen heard a noise coming from the kitchen area. Boisen apparently went to investigate the noise and observed a large amount of smoke coming from the laundry room area.


After discovering the smoke, Boisen went back to assist her mother out of the residence. Boisen attempted to rescue her mother but was overcome by the heavy smoke in the residence. Boisen went outside to gain air and attempted to return inside the residence to save her mother but was once again overcome by the heavy smoke. Boisen was able to escape and call for assistance. A human body, believed to be Tiffanie Duncan, was discovered within the remains of the residence by investigators. The scene was turned over to the Pacific County Coroner’s Office and positive identification of the victim is still pending. Valerie Boisen was transported to Grays Harbor Community Hospital for treatment of suspected smoke inhalation and minor burns.