Hoquiam Patrol Car Stolen

A Hoquiam man hopped from the frying pan into the fire yesterday when he stole an idling police vehicle while investigators were looking into the disturbance that he allegedly caused.


The Hoquiam Police Department learned the consiquences of leaving a vehicle running while unattended yesterday.

Just before 11am, Hoquiam officers were investigating a 29 year old Hoquiam man who had been disturbing residents of the Hoquiam River RV Park on Queen Avenue.

The suspect jumped into one of the marked patrol cars that had been left unsecured in the parking lot with the engine running, and drove out onto Highway 101 with another patrol car in pursuit.

A PIT maneuver was used to disable the vehicle on the Highway 109 bypass nearby. The Hoquiam Police Department reports no injuries, and the Hoquiam man was booked into the County Jail without further incident.