Unified Command Works to Contain Sheen From Derelict Vessel Near Camas

The exact volume of oil onboard is unknown due to safety and access challenges. The total potential of oil, based on the capacity of all liquid tanks aboard the Davy Crockett, is approximately 953,000 gallons. On water resources consisting of oil recovery barges and skimmer vessels are present at the site. There are additional resources staged and readily available to deploy from shore. The acquisition of additional storage and recovery resources continues in preparation for planned ballasting operations.

Approximately 18,000 feet of sorbent boom and 3,600 feet of hard boom have been deployed to prevent further spread of the oil. A total of 1,450 gallons of oil have been recovered since the beginning of cleanup operations.

“Our primary objectives remain the safety of our on-scene workers, the stabilization of the barge and recovery of oil,” said Ron Holcomb, State On-Scene Coordinator, Washington Dept. of Ecology. “Once stabilizing operations are complete we will continue to assess each tank for oil and respond accordingly.”

A 500-yard safety no-wake zone is still in effect around the Davy Crockett to ensure the safety of the on-scene workers and to prevent further damage to the vessel. Boaters are asked to use caution when transiting the area.

The following information is current as of 3 p.m. Monday:

• 62 members from federal, state and local agencies, as well as industry, are responding

• Approximately 1,450 gallons of oil recovered

• Approximately 18,000 feet of sorbent boom deployed inside and around the vessel

• Approximately 3,600 feet of hard boom deployed around the vessel

• Two barges on-scene to stabilize the stern of the Davy Crocket

• Diving operations are on-going and dependent on the stability of the vessel