Hoquiam Police Officer Assaulted


Hoquiam police responded to the report of an unknown problem at an apartment in a building located in the 500 block of 28th Street at 1:40 am on Friday 1/28/11.


When the officers arrived at the door to the apartment they could hear voices coming inside the apartment that sounded like a male and a female arguing. After the officers knocked on the door it was opened by a male who told the officers that he was having an argument with his girlfriend.


Three officers entered the apartment in an attempt to determine whether or not an assault had occurred during the argument. While one officer remained in the living room with the female involved in the argument another officer took the male into the kitchen to speak to him.


The lone officer who remained in the living room heard what sounded like someone hitting a wall or a door behind him. The officer went to a closet door and found another male hiding inside the closet. The officer ordered the man to come out of the closet and when he did so he appeared as though he was posturing to fight with clinched fists. When the officer ordered the man to turn around to face the wall the man quickly lunged at the officer. As the man moved toward the officer, the officer pushed him back into the wall behind him. The suspect pushed the officer away with hands and then lunged at the officer a second time. The officer grabbed the man and threw him to the floor. As the man continued to struggle and resist the officer’s attempts to subdue him another officer warned the man that a Taser would be applied if he did not quit resisting. The suspect did not comply and as the officer who had a hold of the man moved away the Taser was applied to the suspect.


While the Taser was being applied the girlfriend of the man jumped between the two officers and onto the man who was still on the floor. The officers had to pull her away to get back to handcuff the suspect. Once he was handcuffed he stopped resisting.


The 23 year old Hoquiam man was arrested for Assault 3rd Degree for assaulting the officer and for Resisting Arrest. He was booked into the Grays Harbor County jail. The suspect told officers that he was only trying to protect his sister (the female in the apartment) and that he did not mean any harm to the police.


The man’s 21 year old girlfriend and the 2nd man (a 46 year old Hoquiam resident) who was in the apartment will be charged in Hoquiam Municipal Court for Obstructing a Law Enforcement Officer.


During the struggle to subdue the man the officer sustained a minor injury to his left hand. The suspect was apparently not injured.