LeRoy Tipton to retire from Grays Harbor Chamber of Commerce

“LeRoy has always been the ‘Voice of Grays Harbor,’” said Chamber Board Chairman Leonard Barnes. “For years, he has been an outspoken promoter of all the things Grays Harbor has to offer, and has maintained a positive outlook, even when the Harbor was undergoing wrenching changes. LeRoy has been a steadying presence in Grays Harbor County, and we will miss him.”

“I think LeRoy has given his heart and soul to our community for a very long time. I think his work was and is his joy and his inspiration, and I hope he finds much more of both in his retirement,” Tami Garrow, vice-chair, added.

Tipton’s retirement date is set for December 31 to give the board plenty of time to do succession planning.

“It is always hard to see a strong leader step down, but we know the Chamber is in a strong position to take on the challenges of the 21st Century, and we see a lot of opportunity for the Chamber to take its next steps in making the Harbor a better place to live, visit and transact business,” Barnes said.

The Grays Harbor Chamber of Commerce has over 400 members.