Aberdeen Fire Department Recognizes Citizens for Life Saving Efforts – Audio Added

Scott was defibrillated four additional times by Paramedics on scene and while in route to the emergency room. Medics continued to follow up with advanced life support interventions necessary for survival. Due to the quick actions of Tony, Brenda and Kristy, providing continuous CPR, our first responders were able to get the patient back into a life supporting heart rhythm along with a strong blood pressure when they arrived at the Emergency Room.


The outcome of this incident brings renewed awareness as to the value of our local emergency system.  It could not have occurred without the competent and professional E-911 system that handled the call and provided initial information to responders.   Trained emergency responders, who arrived to provide for an airway, administer cardiac drugs and continue life saving measures as well as additional interventions in the emergency room by doctors and nurses proved paramount for patient survival. 


But more than anything, the initial actions of Brenda Dell, Tony Simone and Kristy Simpson at the college who witnessed Mr. Birdsall’s distress and took initial life saving actions is what definitely made the difference in the positive outcome for this patient.


The value of Early Defibrillation with an AED at hands reach combined with people who were trained in cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) cannot be understated.  One person is alive today because these three people took the time to learn this valuable life saving skill.


The Aberdeen Fire Department wishes to acknowledge the efforts these three people during this incident.