Mason County Toddler Dies in Tragic Accident

MATLOCK, Wash. – A 23 month old Matlock Toddler is dead after falling into a creek near Matlock. Investigators say that Jacob C Chappell was playing outside of his residence on the Beeville Road with his mother at about 12:30 PM Friday. His mother’s attention was briefly diverted by a cell phone call. The call lasted less than a minute then the mother turned around to discover the child missing. The residence is located near Dry Bed Creek. Dry Bed Creek is running very high and swift as a result of recent rains. The child’s mother told investigators he had been riding a toy quad type play vehicle prior to the accident.


The Sheriff’s Office was notified and a search of the creek was started immediately. Sheriff’s Deputies and local fire personnel were involved in the search that lasted only about 35 minutes. The child’s play vehicle was discovered about a quarter mile down stream from the boy’s house. The child was located in the water a short distance from where searchers found the toy vehicle.


Searchers started CPR immediately, but all efforts to resuscitate the boy were futile. The Mason County Sheriff’s Office in cooperation with the Mason County Coroner’s Office continues the investigation. Investigators say that the incident appears to be a tragic accident.