Hoquiam Farmer’s Market News – Bridge Edition

The Quigg Brothers crews who have spent the worst part of the winter working to repair the bridge must certainly know all about taking the bitter with the sweet.  The Hoquiam Farmers Market was privileged to host the crews, since they were set up in our parking lot.  On the few days that it wasn’t pouring rain, it was bitterly cold.  As the workers came inside for lunch or hot coffee, not once did we hear a grumble or complaint.  But boy, did they go through a lot of hot coffee!   We probably have each one of them completely dependant upon Nancy’s cinnamon rolls by now.   They will be missed, and we, like all of Grays Harbor are grateful for the dedication they exhibited in getting the bridge back in operation!  

The Hoquiam Business Association is hosting a free community Bridge Bash Celebration on Wednesday, January 19th because we’re ready to put an end to the five long months during which all of  Hoquiam has felt like an island.  Come on over!!
Doors will open at the 7th Street theater at 7pm, and we’re planning on raising the roof.  The Hoquiam High School Pep Band will get things going in style, and the Grays Harbor Dance Club members are polishing their moves to perform while Hoquiam High School singers present the Hoquiam version of ‘I Will Survive’!
Mickey Thurman and Betsy Seidel put their heads together and wrote new lyrics to the Gloria Gaynor classic disco song, and we expect Hoquiam will want to adopt it as the official town song.  After all, we have a Washington State song.  Ours just happens to be much, much better.  The audience will have a chance to belt out the new lyrics during the premier viewing of a video on which Callie White from the Chamber of Commerce jumped in to lend her videographer expertise.   Hollywood, eat your heart out. 

Now, get the music humming in your head;

It took all the strength we had not to fall apart
But the detour signs are gone and now we’ve got a new start
We can spend oh, so many nights crossing bridges just for fun
We never cried, we’ve always held our head up high
We have survived!

Hoquiam is Back in Business!  

Barbara Bennett Parsons, manager of the Hoquiam Farmers Market and Deidra’s Deli 538-9747