Three Shelton Men Safe after a Night in the Snow

Three Shelton were found safe in the Spider Lake area of Mason County Wednesday morning as they hiked out on a mountain road after the vehicle they were riding in became stuck in the snow.  The three men left a residence on the Bambi Farms Road to go driving in the mountains in the snow.


At about 12:30 AM Wednesday morning the three men had not returned.  Two friends of the missing men set out to look for them in there vehicle to look for them.  By 5:00 AM the three men had not returned nor had there would -be rescuers.  The Sheriff’s Office was notified of the missing men at about 5:10 AM.  At that time preparations were made to send search vehicles into the mountains.


Searchers from Mason, Thurston and Lewis Counties were called to assist in the search and rescue operation.  Mobile units were deployed into a very large area of the Olympic National Forest in an attempt to locate the missing men.  During the course of the search the would be rescuers returned safely.


At about 11:40 AM the three men were contacted by rescuers in the area of Spider Lake located about 27 miles northwest of Shelton.  The men had become stuck in about 3 feet of snow about eight miles further into the mountains.  The men were in good condition and not injured.  The vehicle was left at the scene pending its removal in more favorable conditions.


The Mason County Sheriff’s Office does not recommend that people take their vehicles into the mountains of the Olympic National Forest during a snow storm.  The roads there are primitive, steep, and hazardous.  The canyons there approach 1000 feet in depth.  The slippery and dangerous road conditions there make rescues very difficult.