Secure That Load or Pay Up

Drivers can be ticketed with a $124 loss of load infraction or be cited criminally if their loss of load causes injury or property damage.  In November alone the Washington State Patrol Bellevue communications center took 514 reports of debris blocking the road in King County.  That’s 514 times that a trooper’s assistance is requested to check on something blocking the roadway that may be a danger to traffic.  Many of those reports are caused by items falling off of vehicles as they travel down the road. 

Debris in the road can cause collisions and serious injuries to anyone in the area as vehicles attempt not to hit, or be hit by the debris.  Even smaller items, like a bag will cause drivers to brake or swerve to avoid it. 

Aside from the danger, these types of reports keep troopers from other duties and can be avoided by better securing a load.  A driver can be ticketed any time a load, or its cover, is not secure enough to prevent the covering from becoming loose, detached or a hazard in any way. 

In December the number of debris reports often rise with many reports of Christmas trees on the roadway.  Remember to secure anything you transport in or on your vehicle so that it does not end up in the road.  For more information on how to prevent escape of a load refer to the Washington State Patrol web site link.