Woman Attacked With Her Own Stun Gun

Shortly after 10:40 am on Monday November 29th Hoquiam police responded to the report of an assault in an apartment building in the 500 block of Karr Avenue.  The man who called in the complaint stated that he could hear the occupants of the apartment yelling loudly and he could also hear a banging sound.


As an officer approached the door to the apartment he heard a loud crash and a female voice screaming.  The officer also heard the distinct sound of a stun gun discharging.  The officer ran to the door and announced his presence and told the occupants to open the door.


A male opened the door and the officer immediately recognized him as a man he had arrested the day before for a traffic violation.  The officer saw a female coming out of another room who was viably shaken and crying and yelling to the officer that she wanted the man out of the apartment.  The officer could see that the woman was also bleeding from a lip and she also had red marks and scratches on her arms.  The 23 year old Hoquiam woman told the officer the male had choked her, punched her in the head and used a Taser (stun gun) on her.


The man was immediately arrested for Domestic Violence Assault.


The victim told officers that she was merely involved in a telephone conversation when the suspect awoke and told her to shut up and go into another room.  The victim said she told the man that it was her home and she could do what she wanted.  This apparently enraged the man and he first got up and tried to wrestle the phone away from the victim.  During the scuffle the man threw her onto the bed and began to choke her.  The suspect let go of the victim only long enough to get the victim’s handheld stun gun.  The victim got up off the bed and attempted to run out the door but the man blocked her exit.  She stated she then ran and hid in a closet but the suspect opened the door and began shocking her with the stun gun.  The man shocked her a number of times and, according the victim, only stopped because the police arrived.


The suspect, a 28 year old Silverdale man, was booked into the Grays Harbor County Jail for Assault 2nd Degree.


The victim did not seek medical attention while officers were on the scene.  She told the officers she was more scared than injured.