Elections and Recounts

The Grays Harbor county Elections Department will be busy December 1st, having certified the November 2nd elections, Herb Welch is Leading Al Carter for county commissioner by 69 votes. That is .28% percent, which forces an automatic machine recount, a race within one quarter of one percent is needed for a hand recount.

The Auditor’s office said that voter turnout for Grays Harbor County was 72.99% one of the highest ever.

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) – Washington election officials say that

more than 71 percent of voters sent in their ballots for this

month’s midterm election. Before the election, Secretary of State

Sam Reed predicted 66 percent of Washington’s voters would mail in,

drop off and cast ballots. But Reed spokesman Dave Ammons says, as

of yesterday afternoon, turnout was 71.24 percent.


OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) – Three legislative races are headed for

recounts. A spokesman for Secretary of State Sam Reed says that two

House races and one Senate race all are being declared for recount

by the three counties they’re based in. Regardless of the outcome,

Democrats will maintain majorities in the both the House and