Grays Harbor PUD Responds to Proposed Rate Increases

In 2009, Grays Harbor PUD objected to a wholesale power rate increase averaging 7% urging the agency to “undertake all measures to avoid a wholesale power rate increase”. “What we said in 2009 applies to the proposal today,” said Rick Lovely. “We still believe changes in policy decisions could not just decrease the size of the rate increase, but could actually make it unnecessary.”


The measures suggested by Grays Harbor PUD included:  

  • Discontinuing power sale agreements with aluminum companies that require cost increases to consumer owned utilities.
  • Eliminating cash payments to customers of investor owned utilities that still owe BPA millions of dollars as the result of illegal payments previously made by BPA.
  • Identifying and implementing BPA program cost savings


“We recognize there are some legitimate cost increases BPA is facing but believe there is opportunity for changes that would provide relief from this proposed rate increase,” said Lovely. “We plan to be an active voice in the rate case process.”