Grays Harbor PUD Crews Spot Housefire, Act

The PUD line crew was returning to the utility shortly before midnight when they spotted flames roaring out of the attic vents of a home on Sumner Avenue in Aberdeen. “We immediately reported the fire and started pounding on the front door of the house,” said Line Foreman, Dale Benner. “A man answered and it appeared that we woke him up,” said Benner. “We could see kids sleeping in the front room…it was smoky inside.” The crew of seven worked together to evacuate all the residents. “No one hesitated,” said Benner. “We were going in and out of the house and doing head counts. We wanted to make sure everyone was out.”


The Aberdeen Fire Department reports the PUD line crew was in the right place at the right time. “The timing was incredible,” said Tom Hubbard, Aberdeen Fire Department Battalion Chief. “They got in when the fire was in the early stages and they were very instrumental is saving lives.”


The PUD line crew included Line Foreman Dale Benner, Journeyman Lineman Justin Mills, Journeyman Lineman Steve Tobin, Line Equipment Operator Natheon Camus, Head Groundman Steve Button, Flagger Toni Fairchild and Flagger Rachel Fredrickson


Benner said it was a team effort in an adrenaline-filled moment. “Everybody pulled together. We were just glad we were there to help.”