How to NOT Beat a Lie Detector Test

OLYMPIA, Wash. – If you’re going to attempt to lie to the Washington State Patrol, leave the “How-To” book at home. Criminal Records Manager Heather Anderson was arriving for a meeting last week at State Patrol headquarters, when she noticed on the seat in the car parked next to hers was a book titled “How to Beat the Lie Detector.”
Anderson contacted the State Patrol’s Human Resources Department to find that they were in fact testing a potential candidate for a civil management job in the Patrol’s property management division. A quick investigation determined the vehicle, and book belonged to the man, who was turned away and informed he would not be considered for the position.
State Patrol Chief John R. Batiste presented Anderson with a Chief’s Coin, and tells KBKW “We’re hiring at a time when we know many good people are unemployed,” Batiste said. “Heather’s sharp eye helped make sure our jobs are going to people with honor and integrity.”