Five Year Old Found Wandering Aberdeen Streets Alone

ABERDEEN, Wash. – A five year old boy that was found wandering alone near AM PM in Aberdeen Tuesday is now in child protective services custody along with his 15 month old brother.

Aberdeen Police responded to the 200 block of S Monroe street just after 4pm to find the 5 year old developmentally disabled child unable to convey much more than his age. The Officer drove the child around until he was able to locate the boy’s residence, an apartment in the 900 block of West Heron Street. When no one answered the door, the officer went inside of the home to find a 15 month old infant. Police Sergent Art Laeur tells KBKW that the infant  and the apartment were both very dirty, and that the infant had access to household chemicals, knives, and was observed eating old food from the floor.
Aberdeen Police were unable to locate parents, but the father did arrive home while police were investigating. the mother was later interviewed by police.
The children remain in CPS custody, The Prosecutor’s Office is investigating child abandonment charges, no charges have yet been filed.