Simpson Avenue Bridge Repairs To Take 2 Months Longer Than Expected

Dayton said the existing pier needs significant strengthening, but that crews will work six days a week to complete the repairs necessary to reopen the bridge to traffic.


WSDOT is taking special care to ensure the integrity of the vulnerable structure. Normal techniques to drive in or vibrate support piles into the ground cannot be used to make repairs because they might damage the existing, functional bridge piles.


WSDOT closed the bridge to motorists in August after noticing unusual movement on the bridge and then discovering severe erosion and degradation of the timber piles that support the bridge’s concrete piers.


During the closure, motorists are detouring using the nearby Riverside Bridge. Built in 1927, the Simpson Avenue Bridge is a 1,978-foot-long bridge that spans the Hoquiam River and carries about 13,000 vehicles per day.


“We understand the burden this situation puts on local businesses,” said Dayton. “We are working diligently to restore the bridge for the community as soon as we can.”


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