State Offices Close October 11th for Another Layoff Day

WDFW enforcement officers are exempt from the temporary layoffs under the law. WDFW also has exempted fish counters who distinguish various species of salmon as they move past Columbia River hydropower dams. The fish counting is federally required and federally funded, and must be conducted consistently as salmon pass the dams. Certain WDFW employees who feed animals or perform other tasks critical to resource management will take alternate temporary layoff days.

The next 2010 temporary layoff day is Dec. 27. Temporary layoff dates in 2011 are Jan. 28, Feb. 22, March 11, April 22 and June 10. Previous employee layoff  days were July 12, Aug. 6 and Sept. 7.

More information on state office closures associated with the temporary layoff is available at