Chill, the Drill’s Over

  Grays Harbor County Emergency Management also  initiated the local Tsunami Warning Calling Tree to notify local jurisdictions along the coastal regions of an impending tsunami. Thank you to Grays Harbor 911 for activating the Calling Tree and to all agencies who participated.


   The Grays Harbor Notification System was also activated at 9am. Approximately 4200 text, e-mail and phone call messages were transmitted. The e-mail messages went out in under 1 minute. The text messages finished 8 minutes later. The phone messages began and we were given the option during the drill to speed up the calling. The goal of the system is to send complete notifications in e-mail, text and phone message formats in as quick a time period as possible. When the speed of the system for the phone messages was sped up, a glitch occurred and a 10-15 second delay appeared in the voice message on the phones. Once the issue began to present itself to Emergency Management, we immediately had Telecom Recovery return to the original speed. The glitch disappeared and the remaining calls were made without incident. Telecom Recovery is working to correct the issue. When Grays Harbor County Emergency Management is confident that the issue has been resolved, a similar County wide test will occur at that time.


   Similar tests done with the previous notification system took 5 hours to complete a 1000 person notification without texting capability. Telecom Recovery adds the dimension of texting along with e-mail and phone notification. Approximately 4000 people were contacted by phone, text and

 e-mail in just under 3 hours. Once the glitch is worked out with the system, notifications will be more efficient and faster than ever before.


   Grays Harbor County Emergency Management would like to give KUDOS to the citizens of Grays Harbor County for today’s exercises and drills. Grays Harbor 911 indicated that they had no increase in normal call volume during the drills!  Grays Harbor Radio, Jodesha Broadcasting, The Daily World and all local newspapers did a great job of getting the word out to the public about the drills. Thank you all for your cooperation, assistance and understanding.