Discovery Channel Star to Speak in Aberdeen September 8th

Grays Harbor County Health Officer John C. Bausher, MD, Ph.D., will introduce Canterbury with a reminder of the importance of survival skills for public health.  “Survival skills are crucial for disease control and prevention in disasters.  Disease control and prevention are crucial for maintaining public health.  All of us should practice survival skills as an essential component in our public health strategy.”


Canterbury will explain that Harborites need three things to survive a disaster:  shelter, water, and fire.  “Whether it’s bird flu or bombs, survival comes down to these three necessities,” Canterbury explains.  He will show how to use survival skills to achieve self-sufficiency in emergency situations—survival skills such as making a fire without matches, purifying water without chemicals, and making a shelter that keeps out the wind and rain while insulating to prevent hypothermia. 

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Audience members will see hands-on displays of tricks used by Dave and Cody in the Dual Survival series such as ferro rods for fire, flashlight lenses for fire, good tinder for fire, bow drills for fire, cooking without pots and pans, plants for food and supplies, arrowheads chipped from beer bottles, duct tape fletchings for arrows, parachute cord for cordage and fishing, fishing weir and trap construction, deadfalls and snares for small game, a solar water purifier, an organic water filter, using a knife like an axe, insulating with tree boughs, duct tape sunglasses, and many others survival devices and techniques.


This event with free admission is sponsored by Jason Bausher as a public service.