Community Hospital Responds to Allegations and Court Case

“The investigation concluded that the non-supervisory co-worker had engaged in conduct that violated the Hospital’s anti-harassment policy, and the Hospital promptly took appropriate action to remedy the situation and prevent its recurrence.  The actions taken were consistent with the Hospital’s obligations under its collective bargaining agreement. “


“In no way does Grays Harbor Community Hospital condone, or otherwise allow this type of behavior”, says Michael Fraser, Interim CEO.  “All employees are entitled to work in a physically and emotionally safe environment.”


“The law provides that when a report of harassment is promptly investigated and appropriate action is taken in response to the findings made in the investigation, an organization has not violated the law.  This is exactly what occurred in this case.  The Hospital therefore denies the EEOC’s allegations that it acted unlawfully, and intends to defend itself vigorously in Court. “