BMT Takes on New Welders for New Contract

The barge slip is 60 feet wide and 300 feet long and can accommodate barges up to 400 feet. It is designed for full access around the slip and is easily accessible to large cranes and heavy equipment. Accessible by a 30-foot wide, 1,000-ton capacity private haul road, the facility is owned by the Satsop Development Park, managed by BMT-Northwest, and available for use by any business needing Chehalis River access, explained Tami Garrow, CEO of the Park.

“Also, ample warehouse, manufacturing and lay-down space is available at the Park to support businesses needing this type of infrastructure,” she added.

In addition to the recent large tank order, BMT-Northwest just contracted to build 1,500 linear feet of trough embeds and doors – that’s about four football fields long of parts – for renovating one of Boeing Company’s hangars in Everett.

“Besides making tanks, we do all sorts of structural steel work, skid packages and different types of steel fabrication,” Irwin said.

The work for the Boeing hangar should be done sometime in October or November, he said.

“We are thrilled that BMT’s location at the Park is enabling them to land new business – including these larger jobs and unique projects that require the super-sized facilities here at Satsop,” said Garrow.

“Our whole purpose as a community-focused business park is to provide opportunities for our businesses to grow and thrive, creating new jobs and revenue for our region. We are so grateful for BMT’s presence here at Satsop and we are hoping its success will attract others who recognize the Park’s many benefits to business” she said.

Satsop Development Park is a 1,700-acre mixed-use business and technology park located in scenic Grays Harbor County in Southwest Washington just 30 minutes from Olympia and the I-5 corridor. It is home to more than 30 businesses, offers 440 acres of developed, pad-ready land and buildings supported by super-sized infrastructure and surrounded by 1,200 acres of sustainable managed forestland.

The Park is managed by the Grays Harbor Public Development Authority, a public corporation whose mission is to create new jobs and investment for the region. More information on Satsop Development Park can be found at