AHAB (All Hazard Alert Broadcast) System Testing for Two Counties


AHAB sirens are an outdoor warning device and are not designed to be heard indoors.  The sound may also be impacted by adverse weather.  Residents living in a tsunami inundation area are encouraged to have a NOAA Weather Radio, which works much like a smoke detector and would sound an alarm when a tsunami warning was issued.  In an actual event, the AHAB sirens will be activated with a constant siren (not chimes) for three continuous minutes.  If the siren is heard, those near the coast should move inland and to high ground as quickly as possible. 

National Weather Service tsunami sign

Please do not call 911 about the AHABs.  Residents with questions or concerns may contact Grays Harbor County Emergency Management at 360-249-3911. 

For Pacfic County information about tsunamis and the AHAB siren system, or to hear sound clips of the Westminster Chimes and the actual warning tone, please visit the PCEMA website at http://www.co.pacific.wa.us/pcema/Tsunami.htm

Testing is scheduled for the first Monday of every month at 12:00 p.m. 

Testing will include chimes and a short audio message.  This is the same testing schedule that has been used in Grays Harbor County.  Both Washington State Emergency Management and local authorities are able to activate the system.