Washington State DOT Discusses Timelines with City of Hoquiam

HOQUIAM, Wash. – From 3 weeks, to several months, the timeline expected in Hoquiam on the Simpson Avenue Bridge.  The Hoquiam City Council heard from the Washington Department of Transportation on the Bridge closures last night. Kevin Dayton, Region Administrator for the DOT said last night "We’re monitoring it… we’re in the process as of today of pursuing a temporary fix" 

Within the week, the Department hopes to know what the scope of a temporary fix would be, with the timeline running around 2 to 3 weeks Dayton told the council "temporary guy wires holding that pier back… our goal of coarse is one to stabilize it, but two; to get traffic back on it." The recent Diver inspection found severe corrosion of pilings under the second Pier on the East side of the Simpson Avenue Bridge.

A Permanent fix could take several months, however Dayton said that repairs would mostly happen on the water near the second peir and could have a low impact on traffic over the bridge. Traffic under the bridge however may be impacted for some time said Dayton "rite now we’re only opening one bastille, for marine openings and we’re doing it once a day at high tide slack"

The Department of Transportation has added a schedule of the single span opening to their website as http://wsdot.wa.gov