New rebates available on more appliances through Cash for Appliances Washington

Commerce launched the first phase of the Cash for Appliances Washington on March 15, 2010, offering a $75 rebate on new ENERGY STAR refrigerators when the old unit is recycled. Phase 1 also offered a $100 rebate on qualified high-efficiency ENERGY STAR clothes washers. This summer’s Phase 2 launch increases the clothes washer rebate to $150, helping to further offset the purchase price and generate sales and energy savings. All customers who have submitted an eligible application and/or received a rebate check for $100 clothes washer rebate will automatically receive an additional check for $50. These rebates may be combined with available local utility rebates.

Phase 1 and 2 Rebates available for qualifying purchases on or after March 15, 2010
* ENERGY STAR(r) Refrigerators (? 9 cubic feet, with proof of decommissioning/recycling); $75 rebate
* ENERGY STAR(r) Clothes Washers (MEF ? 2.46 and WF? 4.0); $150 rebate

Phase 2 Rebates available for qualifying purchases on or after June 28, 2010
* ENERGY STAR(r) Dishwashers (? 307 kWh/year and ? 5.0 gallons per cycle); $75 rebate
* ENERGY STAR(r) Heat Pump Water Heaters (EF ? 2.0) and must be installed by a licensed contractor; $250 rebate
* ENERGY STAR(r) Gas Storage Water Heaters (EF ? 0.67); $200 rebate
* ENERGY STAR(r) Gas Tankless Water Heaters (EF ? 0.90) and must be installed by a licensed contractor; $300 rebate
* ENERGY STAR(r) Ductless Heat Pumps (EER ? 12, SEER ? 14.5, HPSF ? 8.2) and
must be installed by a licensed contractor trained on the NW Ductless Heat Pump Project ( <file:///\\> ); $750 rebate

All eligibility requirements in Phase 1 apply for Phase 2; Phase 2 also entails additional product specific requirements. These requirements as well as listings of qualified products are available at

The Cash for Appliances program is expected to save Washingtonians over 9,180,582 kWh of energy, 141,050,173 gallons of water and over 11,896,782 pounds of CO2 annually through the replacement of old appliances with new efficient models. This is enough energy to fuel 597 homes for one year, and is equal to taking 1,341 cars off the road or planting 179,907 trees. The amount of water saved annually could fill 213 Olympic sized swimming pools.

Cash for Appliances Washington rebates are only available until funds are exhausted. Washington State sales tax must be paid unless the appliance is installed by a contractor, purchased at a Washington military exchange or from a Washington retailer and have a Native American exemption. Additional information including eligibility requirements, qualified appliances as well as the application form and instructions are available at retail locations or at

This program is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy and administered by the Washington State Department of Commerce.