Elma Rock N Redi Mix fined for permit violations

In February 2010, Ecology mailed Elma Rock N Redi an inspection report, requiring the company to correct the problems within 15 days or lay out a timeline for making the fixes. The company didn’t accept delivery of Ecology’s report sent by certified mail. After it was hand delivered, the company has failed to respond. As a result, Ecology is issuing this penalty and an administrative order requiring action.

Elma Rock N Redi has a record of non-compliance with its sand and gravel permit at this facility. Ecology has issued several penalties and orders to the company, including a $9,000 penalty issued by Ecology in 2009 that has gone unpaid and was sent to collections.

Schrieve said, “This company has a poor track record when it comes to correcting problems. Failing to follow the rules, which other businesses follow, gives Elma Rock N Redi an unfair advantage over other businesses. And it puts our state’s public waters at risk.”

The company has 30 days to respond to Ecology’s penalty: paying the fine, appealing it to the Pollution Control Hearings Board or asking Ecology for reconsideration.

The money collected from water quality penalties funds grants to local environmental enhancement and restoration projects sponsored by local governments, tribes and other state agencies.