Cooler Coastal Waters Could Mean Rougher Winter for Nortwest

ABERDEEN, Wash. –  It appears La Nina is definitely taking hold in the Pacific. Water temperatures are 2-3 degrees below normal which is a strong indicator of a harsh winter for the Pacific Northwest. Chief Meteorologist Joe Bastardi predicts the Winter’s Worst Cold & Snow will be in the Pacific Northwest reaching all the way to the Great Lakes. Cities like Portland & Seattle who experienced mild winters last year are forecast to be much colder and snowier this year.

The harsh cold air we receive in the winter months comes from Canada to Washington State. It is predicted that the Canadian winter will be very harsh this year compared to the mild winter last year, which means that we could be in for many more sub freezing temperature days than the few we experienced in early December last year.

All in all it looks like we had better prepare for more severe winter storms, colder temperatures, more snow and freezing rain. It may only be August, but it’s never too early to prepare for what the experts are predicting to be a severe winter for our region. Learn to be Pro-Active. Visit Grays Harbor Emergency Management website at: