AHAB Siren Testing Monday

The Monthly All Hazards Alert Broadcast (AHAB) Test will be held on Monday July 05, 2010 at noon. This month, the system will be activated by satellite relay from Washington State Emergency Management Division at Camp Murray, WA. The system is expected to test as designed with the Westminster Chimes sounding followed by a “This is a test” message. The issues from the June test have been corrected and this will help confirm that the corrective actions by the State Emergency Management Division worked. At no time was the safety of our citizens in jeopardy from the faulty State test last month. Grays Harbor County Emergency Management is also enabled with the ability to sound the alarm if the situation warrants public notification.

Please do not call “911” during the test. If you have any questions, comments or observations, please call Grays Harbor County Emergency Management at (360) 249-3911.