Grays Harbor Wave Buoy Re-deployed

Wave and sea surface temperature information from CDIP’s buoys are updated every 30 minutes on the program’s website at and hourly on NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts. In addition, a CDIP iPhone app is available for free on iTunes. Data are once again available from the Grays Harbor Wave Buoy. All data are made available publicly for use by mariners, weather forecasters, coastal planners, scientists, and beachgoers. CDIP also characterizes waves for regional coastlines, seeks to understand and predict the response of beaches to waves and develops and validates regional sediment management models. Without these publicly available data, life and property would be at risk. Generous contributions of time and services are given by many local stakeholders to ensure the efficient recovery and deployment of these sensitive and valuable oceanographic instruments. Any questions may be directed to 858-534-3032 or
The Grays Harbor, WA station, first deployed in 1981, supports USACE missions and a wide variety of activities in Washington, including Coast Guard operations, pilot transfers to commercial vessels, and the safety of commercial and recreational mariners. CDIP also operates a directional wave buoy at the Mouth of the Columbia River, deployed in fall 2009 in collaboration with the Washington and Oregon maritime communities.

The Buoy is moored approximately 4.5 nm SW of the entrance to Grays Harbor