Speaker Event at Grays Harbor College to Discuss Disaster Preparedness and AHAB Sirens

ABERDEEN, Wash. – A disaster speakers event later this month will feature John Schelling, Dave Nelson and Brynne Walker who will be presenting Grays Harbor specific information on Earthquake faults, earthquake severity and tsunami issues. They are also going to speak about the AHAB siren issues experienced on June 7th. There will be time to ask your questions to the speakers during this event, and light refreshments will be provided at no cost. The event is free to the public, and will be held Monday June 28 from 7pm -9pm in room 2250 at Grays Harbor College.

For more details you may contact:

Charles T Wallace
Deputy Director of Emergency Management
Grays Harbor County
(360) 249-3911 x 290
[email protected]